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The Best Al Fresco Restaurants in Bengaluru

If there’s one thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Bengaluru (aside from the dosas) is the near-perfect weather that the city boasts all year round. Balmy, neither too hot nor cold, clear blue skies with low humidity, it’s surreal to think that such a climate exists at any point of the year that you might visit. To top it all off, India’s Garden City lives up to its name through its lush tropical greens seen at every corner. The only way to do justice to this idyllic weather and enjoy it in its glory is by adding these al fresco dining hotspots to your list. Next time you’re headed to India’s Silicon Valley, be sure to make a reservation at some of our favourite spots to soak in the weather and devour some exquisite meals.

A Mediterranean Trip to Olive

Situated in the heart of the city, this little all-white escape is reminiscent of summer evenings in Greece with its white-washed walls, rustic chic furnishings and contemporary Mediterranean cuisine. With no signage outside, the only way to find this alcove is through its bright blue door and it’s an instant escape from the bustling street outside into a beachy bistro. Rated Restaurant of the Year by the Food Lover’s Guide for four consecutive years, Olive Beach is ideal for a lazy lunch in the sunny courtyard or a dreamy drinks+dinner set-up under the stars. Chef Manu Chandra, one of India’s leading chefs, has curated a succulent, ambrosial menu with seasonal produce and exotic ingredients. An experience to be lived.

Explore Olive Beach

The Best of South Indian Coastal Cuisine at Karavalli

Set under lush tamarind trees, Karavalli brings years of experience, age-old local recipes and forgotten flavours all under one roof. With architecture inspired from a traditional Mangalorean bungalow, dining at Karavalli is like taking a trip down memory lane to hearty food prepared by ajji. The food is rich in flavour with the region’s popular spices: cloves, curry leaves, cinnamon, pepper and chillies. Lots of chillies, mind you. To keep the local authenticity alive, all the ingredients and fresh meat is sourced from the native regions across the Karavalli coast spanning from lush Kerala to sun-drenched Goa. The extensive menu might call for multiple visits to truly experience the breadth of the western coastal culture and the luxuriant, green outdoors will always send you on a wistful trip to the tropics.

Explore Karavalli

Grasshopper For a Quiet, Private Soiree

Dining at Grasshopper is like escaping to the holiday home of your dreams. Owned by Himanshu Dimri and Sonali Sattar, this farmhouse is a picturesque dining set-up for nature-lovers and more importantly foodies! As you enter this off-the-beaten-path trove you are welcomed by big, leafy flora. The minimalist curated store leads to the outdoor verandah with an exclusive section to enjoy your five-course meal. Unusual flavour pairings (like a mustard ice-cream), soothing jazz, bountiful tree-coverage, locally sourced ingredients and perfect for conversations are just some of the reasons to visit Bengaluru’s best kept secret.

Explore Grasshopper

The Most Indulgent Meals at Royal Afghan

Having existed for over 40 years with the same menu, you know Royal Afghan has simply got it right. Situated under a pergola by the poolside at the ITC Windsor, this Bangalore landmark is the perfect spot to enjoy succulent tandoori kebabs prepared with robust flavours of the North Western Frontier. The dal makhani, sikandari raan with warm naan bukhara under the cool Bangalore skies makes for a meal to never forget. Surrounded by trees that have existed since its inception, nature lovers might also spot flocks of local birds perched high above, and you might even mistake parrots for leaves, that's how many there are!

Explore Royal Afghan

Sunny’s For a Bit of Nostalgia

A popular spot for old Bangaloreans, Sunny’s is the place to head to if you’d like to run into the city’s elite locals. Imagine a romantic bungalow, European food and true Bangalore charm and that’s Sunny’s for you. It's perfect for eating Greek Salads (their most popular dish) in the garden on summer afternoons or sitting out in the verandah while enjoying a glass of wine and the tropical Bangalore rains. Named after the owner’s Golden Retriever, Sunny’s, you will almost certainly come across a pooch when you dine at Sunny’s. The cherry on top, quite literally, are their sinful desserts – Paris-Brest and Devil’s Food Cake are must tries.

Authentic Thai Cuisine at Rim Naam

Rim Naam, the Thai restaurant situated at The Oberoi, promises two things – incredible food and an unbeatable ambience. The award-winning restaurant is built on a wooden pavilion that appears to be floating on the lily pond that surrounds it. Despite being located inside the wooden structure, each table offers a stunning view of the bamboo and frangipani groves around the restaurant; making it perfect to enjoy the outdoors even on a summer afternoon. The extensive menu features authentic Thai cuisine and fresh seafood and is curated by the renowned Chef Tam, from the Isan province of Thailand, who adds a touch of true Thai flavours to every dish. Your tropical, Thai escape in the heart of Bangalore.

Explore Rim Naam

Uru for Beer & Grub in True Bengaluru Style

No Bangalore trip is complete without a trip to the city’s countless breweries and Uru has to be on the top of our list. Not just a brewery, Uru is a brewpark with a bistro, cafe, gin garden and brewery spanning over 42,000 sq. ft. Symbolic of the diverse population of Bengaluru, at Uru one can do yoga, sip on cocktails/beer with friends, read a book, or even indulge in their artisanal single-origin coffee menu. “Uru” directly translating to ‘town’ in Kannada, really represents a buzzing town that every visitor can make their own. The concrete, minimal and open plan architecture makes this a modern hangout for locals and visitors alike.

Explore Uru

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