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A Balinese Retreat: Living The Slow Life in Canggu

If you’ve been to Bali and haven’t stepped into The Slow, you’re surely missing out. Situated in the Canggu region along the Seminyak strip, this luxurious space is founded by fashion designer George Gorrow and model Cisco Tschurtschenthaler. What was intended to be his home is now a 12-bedroom stylish boutique hotel that personifies tropical islands and relaxed beachside living.

Straight out of a minimalist’s Pinterest board, The Slow was carefully designed by Bali-based architecture firm GFAB using local materials like sustainable timber and stone and decorated with locally-made furniture and art from the couple’s personal collection. Every corner is built in a manner that allows amples of natural light and a light breeze, ideal to lull you into the slow life.

For those looking to stay at The Slow, you will find generous tropics at the entrance of each room with plunge pools, palm trees, large windows and a radio dial to tune into their curated playlists.

What sets The Slow apart is their eclectic choice of art and music from LA’s Reverberation Radio, making it an immersion into the world of creative stimulation and easy living. The essence of the space is most evident in the communal spaces which include Room 14 – a concept store, a gallery space in Room 13 which is home to numerous events and ‘Eat & Drink’ their in-house bistro with a carefully curated menu by Shannon Moran. Pro tip: don’t forget to try the cocktails and come back the next morning for the drunken noodles to nurse your hangover!

A spot with a distinct personality, The Slow is a reverberation of traditional Indonesian sensibilities, modern architecture and alternative island vibe. Definitely a must-visit on our list!

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