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La Petit Colombe: Inside a 3 Michelin Star

With an implausible three Michelin stars, it’s not surprise this eatery is positioned amongst the top restaurants in the world. La Petite Colombe has consistently received world-wide acclaim for its outstanding Chefs Menu.

There are four hero menu options at La Petite Colombe, including the The Reduced Menu, The Reduced Vegetarian Menu, The Chefs Experience and The Chefs Vegetarian Experience. Each of the curated menus include up to 12 courses, each hand prepared by the acclaimed chefs. The immersive experience also includes a meet and greet with the chef and an exploration into the intriguing story behind each dish.

“We are extremely humbled to be recognised amongst some of the best restaurants in the country. These awards are great motivation for the team and we are grateful for the recognition.”

— John Norris-Rogers

Their accolades are a true testament to their cuisine, including 2021 Trip Advisor Best Fine Dining Restaurant in Africa - Runner up and 2020 Trip Advisor Travellers Choice.

Following an inspirational trip to Japan, Head Chef John Norris-Rogers, Scot Kirton and James Gaag, launched a new mouth-watering Asian inspired 10 course set menu. The South African heritage is still delightfully apparent however, serving smoked snoek, pickled fish and Cape Malay spices served amongst traditional Asian ingredients such as katsuobushi (dried, fermented and smoked tuna), chawanmushi, (a Japanese egg custard dish) and the chef's take on ramen.

““Our trip overseas was extremely inspiring and very informative all at the same time. To step out into different places and experience different cuisines is something so important for a chef as it gives you more insight as to what is around you,” comments head chef John.”

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