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5 of the Best Rosé Vineyards in Provence

Dotted around the rich terroir of Provence, we’ve taken a tour around the acclaimed rosé vineyards. Bursting with charming French allure, modern art and eco-conscious estates - we celebrate the beautiful scenery and world-class cuveés.

Domaine Mirabeau

The award-winning Mirabeau Wine is a delightful, family owned business with a beautiful Boutique in the picturesque Cotignac and a newly found wine estate, Domaine Mirabeau. Tucked away in the heart of the Var department in Provence, Domaine Mirabeau falls within the newly created subregion within the Côtes de Provence AOC, Notre Dame des Anges. Surrounded by quintessential Provençal villages and idyllic countryside, it is steeped in history and tradition and boasts one of the most fascinating and unique landscapes and soil composition of the region.

The 20-hectare estate includes 14 hectares of vines, principally grenache, cinsault and rolle and sits within a unique landscape of umbrella pines, cork oak trees and chestnut groves forming the Plaine des Maures National Nature Reserve and the most incredible geology with marble, schist and granite all being found on the estate. The location of the Domaine ties into the founders, Stephen and Jeany’s deep commitment and respect for the environment, where they will be moving beyond organic farming practices to a holistic regenerative agriculture approach, which has so far only been used in the US.

They are also investing in viti-pasturalism, with alpacas, pigs and chickens on the Domaine, that will encourage the re-nourishment of the soil. The Domaine has built strong relationships with local butchers, cheesemakers and fishmongers who share Mirabeau’s values and commitment to using sustainably sourced ingredients from Provence. The first rosé brand to introduce four 100% Vegan wines to their range, the leading business produces five delectable cuvées, deliciously fresh and pale in colour. These include Mirabeau Classic, Pure, Etoile, La Folie Sparkling rosé and Azure. Their range now includes a delightfully dry rosé Gin with botanical accents from Provence.

Maison Mirabeau

Mirabeau en Provence

5 Cours Gambetta

83570 Cotignac


Chateau de Berne

A Château like no other, set in the Provencal countryside, between Lorgues and Flayosc, a winding forest lane leads to Château de Berne. The 1,700-acre vineyard, nestled in a pristine landscape, includes 1,200 acres of woodlands, populated with Mediterranean species such as umbrella and Aleppo pines, ancient oaks and olive trees. Idyllic for connoisseurs of food & wine, travel adventurers and those looking for rest and relaxation. You can enjoy the five-star Relais & Châteaux accommodation teamed with and gastronomic dining. As well as a Michelin star restaurant - Le Jardin de Berne, there is a beautiful a spa, wine-tasting, three swimming pools, a wonderful boutique, cycling routes and a cooking school.

Although Provence is mostly known for its rosé, Château de Berne produces all three colours of wine on this exceptional terroir, which is divided into carefully maintained plots curated according to their characteristics. Two prominent wines comprise most of the production: Château de Berne, the estate’s flagship, and Terres de Berne. Both bear the Côtes de Provence appellation and are produced in red, rosé and white. Château de Berne wines reveal this remarkably rich terroir’s deepest essence, and infinite care is brought to growth and blending, in order to develop unique expressions of the freshness and flavours that make Provence wines so exceptional. Passionate in their commitment to sustainability, Château de Berne has been a recipient of the High Environmental Value (HEV) certification’s top rating (Level 3). This strict standard was introduced as part of France’s conservation policy, and encompasses economic, ecological and social aspects of agriculture. Today, Château de Berne is one of the region’s most magnificent estates, and its wines are ranked among the finest in Provence.

Chateau de Berne

Chemin des Imberts

83780 Flayosc


Domaine OTT

Known as the ‘Grandfather’ of rosé brands in Provence. In the 1930’s, Marcel OTT was the first to commercialise and produce premium rosé in the Provençal region. Their perceptible bottle shape masterfully alludes the shape of the Roman Amphora; which was later patented to cement their unique identify. The distinguished winery set the standard for others exploring the region, and today they still lead the way in innovation and prestige. Only available in select 5-star restaurants and hotels, they have an exclusive partnership with the famed Byblos hotel in St Tropez. Their vineyards are spread across three terroirs in Provence: Clos Mireille, Château de Selle and Château Romassan. All host to a different, yet delicious palette of cuvées. This year they have created the ETOILE, an exclusive new cuvée that is a unique blend of the very best of our three terroirs.

Jean-François Ott explains, “As “craftsmen of the vine”, we spent a great deal of time studying and experimenting with our various terroirs in order to create a wine that is true to our philosophy and the passion that drives us. In these unspoilt lands, each with its own unique vision of Provence, our family has long practiced sustainable, respectful viticulture, shunning the use of chemical products and preferring environmentally friendly methods. We spend long days carefully tending to the vines in order to bring out their very best - pruning that respects the sap flow and carrying out all the work by hand and in accordance with the lunar calendar. This tradition, instigated by our great grandfather Marcel Ott and continued uninterrupted to the present day, has forged the style of the Domaines Ott* wines and given us our reputation for excellence.”

Domaine OTT

Chateau de Selle

5093 Route de Flayosc

83460 Taradeau


Chateau D'Esclans

In 2006, Château d’Esclans produced, for the first time, a few barrels of rosé from a vineyard of 80-years-old vines. Better known as ‘Whispering Angel’ - the more familiar name is just one of the five delicious cuvées they now produce at the vineyard. 14 years on, the acclaimed rosé brand has now become a household name. The charming Chateau d’Esclans is located in the stretching Valley d’Esclans near the Gorges de Pennafort. Only 25km from the ancient Roman city of Frejus on the stretching Mediterranean coast, the vineyard is tucked away in one of the richest terroirs of Provence. The world-famous name ‘Whispering Angel’ came to fruition after the owner Sacha Lichine, heard ‘angels whispering’ to him on his wedding day at the chateau - he knew it was meant to be.

Spread over an impressive 659 acres of land, it’s no surprise they are the largest rosé exporter in Provence, the powerhouse of vineyards exports an exceptional 8 million bottles a year; most popular in the US and the UK following. They are also home to the world’s most expensive rosé, Garrus. The Garrus cuvée is specially made from the ‘First Juice’ which is colourless and most premium grade of the grape. Their full rosé portfolio includes: Whispering Angel, Rock Angel, Chateau d’Esclans, Les Clans and Garrus. The château is known for its old Grenache vines which produce grapes that offer greater concentration of flavour than do the younger vines. As a négociant and vinificateur (winery), Caves d’Esclans identifies vineyards, grapes and wines from Château d’Esclans as well as local growers.

Château d’Esclans

4005 Route de Callas

83920 La Motte


Château Léoube

Château Léoube began in 1997 when current owners, Lord and Lady Bamford purchased the extensive plot of land on the Côte d’Azur in Bormes-les-Mimosas. Those in the UK may be more familiar with the much-loved Daylesford Organic farm which was also founded by the Bamfords. The family applied their organic and environmentally friendly farming principles when developing Château Léoube. The vineyards are now certified organic (Ecocert) and also benefit from the application of biodynamic approaches and, similarly, winemaking is guided by natural principles. The vineyard stretches across an incredible 4km of the Mediterranean coast, making it the largest privately-owned property along the sea. There’s a delightful eatery for visiting guests -Café Léoube. Perched just behind the breath-taking Plage du Pellegrin beach, the menu offers seasonal, organic food and wine from the estate and market garden.

Being situated next to the sea creates a unique, and excellent environment for growing more flavour-concentrated grapes. Château Léoube produces three still rosé’s, Côtes de Provence rosés, Rosé de Léoube and La Londe. Their exceptional first vintage, La Londe Monopole rosé - also known as the ‘Super Rosé’ took 10 years to create and only 1500 bottles were produced. The pickers are carefully trained, particularly for the La Londe harvest, to identify the best branches and recognize perfect grapes. There are no electronic eyes and no sorting tables in the vinification cave. The winemaker is the exceptionally talented Romain Ott, whose great grandfather is the acclaimed Marcel Ott. With each cuvée boasting a crystal-clear colour palette, Lady Bamford did not want large labels to detract from the clarity. She worked with accomplished designer Jacqueline Morabito of St-Paul-de-Vence to create the simplistic serigraphic labels for each of the cuvées.

Château Léoube

2387 Route de Léoube,

83230 Bormes-les-Mimosas.


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