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An Insiders Guide to Goa: Eat, Drink, Shop & Explore

Located on the west coast of India, Goa is the go-to bohemian paradise to escape to. For those that have been there, you’d agree that Goa is a state of mind. The tiny beach town is far from quaint owing to the influx of travellers over the years, who eventually couldn’t leave and found their soul here – making Goa a mixed bag of global cultures. Also home to some of the country’s hippest creative artists, chefs and designers who have forgone the city life for Goa’s slow-paced charm, the list of places to visit and especially dine at is endless. If you want to party through the night, live the quiet beach life or holiday in complete luxury – there’s something for everyone. We’ve picked out some hidden spots in the quieter corners of Goa that epitomise understated luxury.

Dine at one of Goa's finest restaurants


When we think Goa, we think food. Modern, homely, fresh and fusion. And that’s exactly what Suzy’s is. Located in a whimsical garden in the by-lanes of Assagao, this hidden restaurant in North Goa is all about fusion fare bringing together local, seasonal produce cooked merging cuisines and popular cooking techniques from around the world. Chef Suzie curates the set menu four to five times a year blending ingredients, some familiar and some unheard of like Plantain Pattaud or the saffron-y Srikhand Cheesecake. If that’s not enough, may we add that the cocktails are divine and it's definitely an experience spending your evening dining and drinking the playful concoctions by Chef Suzie.

The Best Shopping Finds All in One Place


No beach holiday is complete without a trip to a flea market for unique local finds or better yet, in our case, a trip to Rangeela. Set in an ancestral Portuguese home with an inviting verandah, this concept store is a luxury treat for the eyes. As if from a collection of little finds from a seasoned traveller, the curated pieces range from fashion, souvenirs, art, antiques and lifestyle products. A quiet take on a typical flea market, Rangeela is a must-visit on our list.

Catch the Perfect Sunset at Goa's Newest Private Beach Bar


A newbie on the Goa sundowner list, Tulum is one of our best kept secrets. This private beach bar (so private that even their Instagram account is private) is located in a tucked away corner on one of the busiest beaches in Goa. A ten minute hike through rocky cliffs leads to this perfect spot on a private patch on the beach with nothing else but blue waters and dark cliffs around. The ideal shack to head over to for a quiet afternoon of swimming and drinking Susegado on your beach bed or for a sundowner party every evening as the spot transforms into a sunset party spot with hip DJ line-ups and cocktails for a beach party in typical Goan fashion.

A Luxurious And Sustainable Escape

The Postcard Hotel, Moira

Masters of understated luxury, The Postcard Hotel, checks all the boxes if you’re looking for an intimate experience with nature, culture and wellness. Comprising only nine rooms in the carefully restored 214 year old ancestral home, the tropical enclave is designed with modern sensibilities without losing on the Goan spirit; whether in food or architecture. Mindful of the community it is surrounded by – the Moira village – The Postcard Hotel supports the local community and even sources sustainably from the markets around. This boutique stay comes with the promise of sun-kissed and slow holidays and it sure delivers.

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